What is an Elite Health Medication Sync?

Today there are so many medications on the market. The medication demand continues to grow as the population ages and as we find better treatments for disease states. When you go pick up your medications from the pharmacy the pharmacist checks for drug interactions and certain administrations techniques to help you improve your health. One gap that isn't being addressed is your nutritional considerations. Did you know that many medications cause specific nutritional deficits? Medications can effect how you absorb and process your foods. Many medication's side effects can be prevented with the right multi vitamin or nutritional supplements. Medications also put you at risk of adverse drug reactions. Just a few common medications known to cause nutritional deficits are metformin, levothyroxine, Lasix, methotrexate, antibiotics, and many more. As a Doctor of Pharmacy I have specialized in adverse drug reactions and how medications can affect your nutrition. Every medication has its good and bad effects. In pharmacy we use this knowledge to help guide our drug treatments. What I do is called a medication sync. This sync is performed to insure that your medications and dietary supplementations are working together at the same time. This helps you to get the most out of your investment in your diet and lifestyle. When I perform a medication sync I will inspect every medication and build a custom nutritional supplementation plan that is founded on evidence based knowledge. This plan will list recommendations for your nutrition that is specific and simple. I will explain why I am recommending each recommendation and what you can do to monitor progress. The medication sync will help you accomplish your health goals, increase the efficacy of your nutrition plan, and insure your medications work with your nutritional supplementations not against them. The Elite HealthSync is a must have for anyone wanting to improve their health and find confidence that their medications are in sync with their nutritional supplements.